Laboratory of Embryology was established in December 2013 at Fujii Memorial Institute of Medical Sciences, Tokushima University, Japan. We are interested in understanding how many types of cells are generated during gastrulation.




Research interest

 Embryos develop by generating many types of cell. One of the most dynamic events that generate a variety of cell type during embryogenesis is gastrulation.Our group is interested in how many types of cell are generated during gastrulation.

So far, we have investigated how neural plate cells are generated during gastrulation, by analyzing the regulatory mechanism of early neural marker gene, Sox2. We have clarified that

1.Neural plate cells and paraxial mesoderm cells are generated from their common precursor, axial stem cells.
2.The fate of axial stem cells, neural plate cells or mesodermal cells, are determined by transcription factors, Sox2 and Tbx6, respectively.
3.The three germ layers describe spatial organization of tissues, but do not indicate the process of tissue derivation.

Currently, we are studying how the axial stem cells are generated and maintained in embryos, and how the anterior-posterior axis elongates by generating neural plate cell and mesodermal cells.

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Tatsuya Takemoto, Ph. D.
Professor (PI)
TEL: +81-88-634-6412
E-mail: takemoto.tatsuya(@)tokushima-u.ac.jp
Shinichi Hayashi, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor
TEL: +81-88-634-6463
E-mail: hayashi.shinichi(@)tokushima-u.ac.jp


Technical Staff
Hitomi Suzuki
TEL: +81-88-634-6406
E-mail: hsuzuki(@)tokushima-u.ac.jp


Yuko Shimizu
TEL: +81-88-634-6407


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